Saturday, September 24, 2011

{ fútbol mom }

Aidan is now knee- (or shin guard) deep in soccer season. And the boy loves it, despite the fact he has yet to figure out all the Xs and Os (are there Xs and Os in soccer?). But that's secondary to the smiles and laughter at this point, as Coach Ben has reminded me.

Yet I've still found myself aggressively yelling, "Kick the ball into the net, Aidan!" more times than I care to admit. And a few games ago, I repeatedly questioned to other parents standing around me why the soccer whiz kid (think David Beckham Jr.) red head on the opposing team, who seemed to score at least 38 goals, played the entire game, rather than rotating out like the other players.

Lord, please guard me against becoming an obnoxious soccer mom.

At least I don't drive a mini van ... and never will.

Go, Hampton Rapids!

Friday, September 16, 2011

{ more aggie cookie fun }

It's football season.

That means an abundance of maroon & white.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

{ cooler air, warmer colors }

Fall is approaching, and the signs of it are popping up all over New Hampshire.

The mornings are crisp enough to keep the windows open, pumpkins, mums and Indian corn have surfaced at the local nurseries and farm stands, apple cider donuts (Lord, help me) are tempting me at every available opportunity, and best of all, the leaves at the very tip tops of the trees are just beginning to blush. 

{ aggie ring day }

The Aggie Ring is the most visible symbol of the Aggie Network that connects Aggies around the world. Dating back over a hundred years, it is a tradition that is deep in symbolism. Every symbol represents values every Aggie should hold: Excellence, Integrity,Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service.
At Texas A&M University, acquiring enough credit hours to order one's Aggie Ring is one of the most treasured rites of passage during ones years in College Station -- Aggie Rings are worn for a lifetime by graduates of TAMU. I could share countless words regarding the special meaning behind the Aggie Ring, but instead I'll simply direct those interested in a more detailed explanation to the Texas A&M Association of Former Students.

A giant gaping whole in my cookie gallery has been staring me in the face ever since I started baking and decorating in earnest -- no Texas A&M cookies. Despite my love and passion for my beloved Aggieland, up here in New England, I've had no occasion requiring Aggie cookies (other than my sister's graduation, which I made down in Texas, but I digress).

So my maroon heart soared when I recently received a request to make cookies honoring and celebrating an Aggie who will be receiving her Ring this week. Whoop (that's Aggie speak for 'Hot damn')!

Monday, September 05, 2011

{ bands for arms }

A few months ago when Ty first deployed, I read about an organization that produced arm bands/bracelets, created from donated military uniforms -- Bands for Arms.  

According to the  B4A website
Bands For Arms was created by Nicanor P. Mendoza III to bring awareness and support to our American military, by having Service Members, their families, and all of our patrons display their support with a bracelet made from an actual Service Member's uniform. We at Bands For Arms Int'l Inc., are proud to be able to recognize all five military branches with our bands, and hopefully help Service Members and their families feel CONNECTED.

I ordered four different bands, grateful that the U.S. Coast Guard was included (many opportunities for military families often leave out our Coast Guard men and women). And this past week, our bands arrived -- each one beautifully packaged with a photograph and card detailing the information about the soldier who donated a uniform to create the band.

Aidan now proudly wears a USCG blue band, as do I. Our sweet little Paige is still a bit young to sport one of her own, but she adores playing with the bands on both her big brother's and mother's arms, where they will remain until Daddy gets back.

Our bands won't bring him home any sooner, but they help us remember why he is where he is, and that he loves us.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

{ one }

Happy first birthday, to my Sweet Paige.