Saturday, March 21, 2009

my boys

I just got to spend two weeks with my favorite boys -- my husband and my son. That might not seem like a big deal to most, but as anyone who may be reading this probably already knows, we currently live thousands of miles apart, due to military orders that have temporarily separated us.

I'm guilty of bitching way too much, so a perspective check is always appreciated, and usually long overdue on my part. My Spring Break might not have been glamorous or fancy. But to me, it was precious beyond words. Times that I've treasured:

- Aidan and Ty getting a haircut together.

- Ty taking Aidan to the doctor when he was sick with strep throat ... and then being uber-conscientious about making sure that he got his antibiotic twice a day (for ten days!).

- Going to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese together as a family

- Aidan's first fish (woo hoo!)

- Ty changing a burned-out headlight in my car

- Making Saturday-morning waffles together.

- Chillaxin' at the Schwarz's house with the kids and "Aunt Belly."

- Hearing Aidan ask for Ty in the middle of the night ... hearing Ty say, "Daddy's coming."

- MY TWILIGHT DVD! (c'mon ... I couldn't leave that one out!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love you, Mr. Mailman!

A few days earlier than I'd expected, I just received quite the package (in more ways than one!) -- my Twilight DVD and calendar! Yippee!!!

So, now the big question is, how do I get rid of my hubby for a few hours when he's home on leave to see me?

I seriously need some "alone" time with Edward.... ;)

I still haven't even broken into the cellophane wrapping. I'm content right now just staring at it.

Sad, pathetic, adolescent, and ridiculous, I know. But so, so true.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mike's Pomegranate Lemonade


I'm not a big bottled, fru-fru drink/wine cooler kind of person, but sometimes after a day in the sun, when I've got that super thirst thing working, I get a craving for something other than beer or wine, but not super loaded with liquor. Know what I mean?

Enter Mike's Hard Lemonade Co., specifically, Mike's Pomegranate Lemonade. Really good! And at only 98 calories a pop (no fat), you don't have to feel too guilty about throwing back a few. Here's how Mike's website describes it:
Mike’s signature hard lemonade combines with juicy pomegranate, and subtle notes of berry, cherry, cranberry for a refreshing blend perfect for any social occasion.

I've been on a big pomegranate juice kick recently, so this was a fun find. It's a great summertime beverage ... oh, and the Cranberry Lemonade rocks too. I was pleasantly surprised! That's my official Spring Break discovery for 2009, I guess. ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Robert Pattinson "I Don't Know"

In honor of my favorite Vampire ... (and the Twilight DVD release this week).

Why am I so obsessed with Rob? He answers the question in this YouTube clip.

Friday, March 13, 2009

'fessing up

... ok. I'm going to admit it. There's no shame in it. A bunch of people are starting to do it. It's really convenient. And it doesn't mean that I still don't appreciate the really good stuff (do I sound defensive enough yet?)....

I've recently been drinking wine out of a box!!!

There! I said it!

Here's the story. About a week ago, my mom picked up a box of Hardy's, an Australian wine. I opened the refrigerator and, in true wine snob fashion, immediately jumped all over her. "What the heck is this box of wine doing in here?"

I have no idea why she bought it. Maybe it was on sale. Who knows. But damn! I love having a box of wine (spigot and all!) in the front of the fridge on the top shelf! We've been drinking on the chardonnay, so it's always nice to have it really cold. And talk about convenient! You just press the little bottle and, voila! Instant refreshment!

Just because I'm still feeling self-conscious about it and sort of feel the need to further defend my actions, I'm providing excerpts from a review of the Hardy's boxed wine. It's from The Boxed Wine Spot (who knew there was such a thing?!). Actually, after doing a little bit of research, several online sites tout the positives of wine in a box. I was really surprised!

Boxed wine cheap, but doesn't taste it

Hardys of southeastern Australia is a major producer of wines in the land down under.

One of the company's claims to fame is the production of really good wine packaged in three-liter boxes, the equivalent of four regular bottles of wine. These boxes are made of heavy cardboard with a plastic bag inside that is filled with wine and sealed. At the bottom of the bag is a pouring spigot.

The wine can be kept in the refrigerator or on a shelf without any deterioration problems from oxidation for an incredibly long six weeks. The boxes also are a great way to carry your wine to a party, barbecue or out to the lake.

How fun does that sound???

But wait! There's more!
- Hardys 2006 South Eastern Australia Chardonnay (three-liter box/$18.99). Here is a perfect example of a modern Australian chardonnay, and an example of what can be accomplished with grapes from a fine growing area. The aroma stresses green apples, pears, melons and spice, with oak and vanilla in the background. The green apple and the melon are the most prominent flavors, with an entire collection of tropical fruits lying just offshore. This chardonnay deserves your attention, especially at the price.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still all about pulling the cork on a fine Cabernet or Pinot Grigio. But I'm so glad that I've discovered an alternative to Franzia.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gentlemen's Quarterly

The April cover is out.



(how 'bout your wives?)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Texas Independence Day

173 years ago on a cold, gray, and rainy day at the Town of Washington, 59 delegates read and approved the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. The document was literally produced overnight; for at that same moment, the Alamo in San Antonio was being hammered by artillery from Santa Anna's Mexican army.

Four days later, defended by such Texas heroes as Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William B. Travis, the Alamo fell ... but not before those men put up one helluva fight. T
he defenders held out for 13 days against Santa Anna's army. They drew a line in the sand and refused to surrender.

Today, that spirit of independence remains alive and well in the Lone Star State. Texans are often misunderstood and labeled as arrogant or boastful. But that's not it ... it's immense pride and heritage. People care about people here. People care about their homes and neighbors. People care about being Texans.

I love the wide open spaces. I love the smells. I love the sunsets. I love the fact that all in one state you can drive to the gorgeous beaches of South Padre Island, or experience the nightlife and music of Austin, or enjoy the mountains of Big Bend, or fish the Gulf Coast, or hunker down for a cold and windy blizzard in the panhandle. But most of all, I love the people.

Texans put God, country, and family first. Always. But football, cold beer, BBQ, tailgates, raft trips down the river, two-stepping at Gruene Hall, and bluebonnets in the spring are also religious experiences. We respect our soldiers, say 'Yes, Ma'am' and 'No, Sir', punish our law-breakers, fly our flags, and respect tradition.

A good Texas girl like me couldn't let today pass without reflecting on how blessed and lucky I am to be a part of this great state. Author John Steinbeck said it best ... "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word."

God Bless Texas.