Thursday, May 28, 2009

a girl can only take so much!

I mean, REALLY!

What's a completely, inappropriately obsessed Twilight addict to do when so much yummy vampire goodness is released for our viewing pleasure?!

This week was a dream for Team Edward fans. The New Moon cast and crew are in Italy filming the Edward/Bella reunion and Volturi scenes, and tons of pictures of the filming were captured.

Christmas in May! No, wait. Much better.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

one of the greatest things I've ever heard ...

... my three-year-old singing "This Little Light of Mine ... I'm Gonna Let It Shine ...." Pavarotti couldn't have done a better job.

Life is so, so good.

Monday, May 25, 2009

adult "drink box"

One of the niftiest things ever!
Black Iguana Frozen Ritas!

You buy a box of these pre-packaged drinks, available in both lime and strawberry, and then stick 'em in the freezer for a few hours. The result is a frozen pouch of Mexican goodness! Just stick the straw in the pouch, and presto! Frozen margarita, baby!

According to the website, they're currently only available in the greater Houston area
(Here's one of the best reasons for living in Houston. We've launched Black Iguana Frozen Ritas in the greater Houston area.)

Here's the "official" description, straight from the Black Iguana website ...

  • Black Iguana Frozen Ritas are READY-TO-DRINK.

  • We've just made your life much simpler. Put away that blender. No more crushed ice, limes, beverage glasses. And no more messy countertops!

  • Black Iguana is premixed with 100% Blue Agave wine -- imported from Jalisco, Mexico

  • Each Black Iguana Frozen Rita is individually packaged in a 187 ml pouch.
  • Freeze until slushy or enjoy on-the-rocks.

  • Drink straight from the pouch or pour into a beverage glass.

Why the hell didn't I think of this?

Friday, May 22, 2009

change of plans

I'm married to a good man. A very, very good man.

He puts up with my craziness. He's a fantastic father. He's excellent at the grill, but can also more than hold his own in the kitchen. He's a true guy -- he fixes things (or at least gives it a great effort ...), thrives when he's in the great outdoors, drives a truck (and not some pretty sports car), loves sports ... but smells good, and is about as supportive a husband as there is.

Our recent years with the Coast Guard have been tough. No, they've sucked. He was deployed way more than he was home, including during two hurricanes (one a major one) that we were forced to brave without him, he received orders to a duty station where we were unfortunately unable to join him as a family. We fought a fight against something we believed in, and then lost. As a result, we've been focusing on the eventual date when we could get as far away from the military as possible.

But life, true to form, enjoys games. And fate has a funny sense of humor. Yesterday we found out that Ty made the final cut to become a Chief Warrant Officer. So in June 2010, he'll accept his [monumental] promotion and sign up for another three years serving our great country.

And I'll be there with him, smiling and wondering where this journey will take us next, and grateful that he's by my side.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

chasing venus

I've been drinking a Sauvignon Blanc that I adore -- Chasing Venus. It's a New Zeland Marlbourgh with a ton of personality.

The sommelier at my local H.E.B. pointed me in this direction. I'm a huge fan of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blancs, and he told me that this was from the same region, and even better. I tried it, and totally agree.

Some comments on Venus from

Nose of grass and passionfruit. Great acidity that carries the fruit well. Tangy and fresh with a mouthful of tart pink grapefruit. A wonderful experience and a great value. -KS, tasted October '08

This wine just keeps getting better. It is as unmistakably New Zealand as ever, but with much more poise and balance than ever before. Apricots, grapefruit, cut grass, and juniper berries. Grapey and gulpy. -BH, April 2009

If you enjoy a really crisp, fruity white, give it a try. It runs about $13.00 a bottle ... a great summer wine.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sunshine, pigeons, water and smiles

A great Saturday.

Pictures from the Williams Tower Water Wall in Uptown Park, Houston.

My boy.