Friday, August 24, 2012

{ pink} apples for the teacher

Aidan meets his teacher on Monday. We're bringing her (as well as some friend requests for few other teachers) some goodies.

Hopefully the apple of my own eye, Aidan, has a fantastic year in first grade.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{ lobster bake }

I'm not ashamed to admit it ... these New England natives took me a long time to crank out!

It was my first attempt at airbrushing as well (thanks to Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker for the inspiration!), so these little suckers will probably show up in my dreams ... er ... nightmares ... for quite a while.

But again, labor of love, folks. Labor of love.

Now pass the butter.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

... oh, and she likes orange polka dots

My  most recent cookie order was so random, it was fun.

A friend requested cookies for his fiance's grandmother, who is visiting America from Germany. Incorporating the German and U.S. flags was an obvious choice, so I planned my design and rolled with it; however, late in the game, my friend (a guy), casually let me know that his future grandmother-in-law also loves orange polka dots (and could I somehow add them to the order?).


Typical guy -- leave out that vital piece of information until late in the game. No biggie, right?

So I scrambled, and the result was a rather colorful assortment of international hearts that would probably confuse most, despite the fact that they go together perfectly ... like Wiener Schnitzel and apple pie.