Saturday, March 21, 2009

my boys

I just got to spend two weeks with my favorite boys -- my husband and my son. That might not seem like a big deal to most, but as anyone who may be reading this probably already knows, we currently live thousands of miles apart, due to military orders that have temporarily separated us.

I'm guilty of bitching way too much, so a perspective check is always appreciated, and usually long overdue on my part. My Spring Break might not have been glamorous or fancy. But to me, it was precious beyond words. Times that I've treasured:

- Aidan and Ty getting a haircut together.

- Ty taking Aidan to the doctor when he was sick with strep throat ... and then being uber-conscientious about making sure that he got his antibiotic twice a day (for ten days!).

- Going to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese together as a family

- Aidan's first fish (woo hoo!)

- Ty changing a burned-out headlight in my car

- Making Saturday-morning waffles together.

- Chillaxin' at the Schwarz's house with the kids and "Aunt Belly."

- Hearing Aidan ask for Ty in the middle of the night ... hearing Ty say, "Daddy's coming."

- MY TWILIGHT DVD! (c'mon ... I couldn't leave that one out!)

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Library Girl said...

I love this list! So glad you had a good week! I did, too! And of course you had to include the DVD! Have you watched yet? Hee Hee!