Sunday, April 05, 2009

growing pains

My baby bumped his head ... in a really solid way. It was a bloody mess -- literally.

Big A was horsing around and fell head-first onto the edge of the brick fireplace last night. I've been waiting for that to happen, and up until last night, we'd managed to avoid it. But he's now officially earned his first good scar.

So Saturday night was spent in the ER (not a fun place to be in Houston on a weekend night ... ugliness abounds). After way too many hours sitting in the waiting room, and the growing realization that we were [rightfully so] at the very bottom of the triage list, we left the hospital and journeyed over to a local 24-hour urgent care clinic, which is where we should have gone to begin with (but I was initially worried about his noggin, as well as the laceration). It was awesome.

We walked right in, they cleaned up my little guy, gave him a popsicle and put him in the "Lion" room (with a way cool lion bed), put some cartoons on the flat-screen TV in his room, and sewed him up.

So, a few staples in the head later, we're all good. And like Ty always says, "Chicks dig scars." I'm getting a crash course in this whole motherhood thing now, I guess. Boys will be boys, and I'm proud of mine for being so brave.



Library Girl said...

Poor little baby... and poor Mama for all that stress and waiting. I hope A's better in a few days. STAPLES? Must have been deep and bloody. And BTW... the pic you have on your blog w/ A is totally perfect for a Facebook account!!!!

The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

Oh man.. poor A! I had a run-in with our brick fireplace when I was little.. I don't think it required an ER visit though.