Thursday, November 12, 2009

aunt belly and cupcakes

Aidan's current obsession revolves around two things: firetrucks, and Thomas (the Tank Engine). Give him a new train for his [growing] set, or any version of a big red emergency vehicle with sirens, and he's about as happy as a pig in slop.

But one of his long-time very favorite things in the world is spending time with his Aunt Beverly (or "Belly", as he says). She's been a significant part of Aidan's little life since he was literally minutes old, and they share a special bond.

Aunt Beverly moved to College Station a few years ago in order to pursue a doctorate degree. When she's not actually in class, she's studying or working on a paper. A natural and unavoidable result is that Aidan doesn't get as much "Aunt Belly time" as he used to.

So when Aunt Belly called yesterday afternoon and told Aidan that she'd be coming to town for a quick visit today, he was giddy. The first thing he asked her was if they could make "Thomas cupcakes" together. Being the good aunt that she is, Beverly of course agreed to the project, despite the fact that she's fighting a wicked cold and would rather sleep away a few hours (without the company of a three-year-old), and not to mention that she has no idea how to make a Thomas cupcake (I told her to Google it ...).

Aidan woke up this morning and instantly reminded me, in his scratchy, sleep-heavy voice, that Aunt Belly was coming home today and would be picking him up early from school. His next sentence had something to do with making cupcakes.

So it made my heart very happy when I just got home and found Aidan and Aunt Beverly crashed alseep on my bed. And in the kitchen ... blue-iced cupcakes. They weren't Thomas, but without a doubt, they were made with love.

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Library Girl said...

I heart this. :) Thank you for reminding me that Aunts have a special place.