Monday, April 12, 2010

house in new england

After looking tirelessly over the past several months, we've finally found a place to hang our hats for the next few years in New Hampshire ... specifically, in Hampton, NH (about five miles north of the Massachusetts border). We've been told that Hampton is a small town located in a great area, and central to a bunch of really cool places. We'll be about two miles from the beach, which should also add to the fun.

New adventures await, no doubt.

Oh, and I hope that tree in the front yard changes to some marvelous colors in the fall. :)


Beverly said...


There's even a place for you to display the flag of the Lone Star State.

Mustang Sally said...

OMG that's an amazingly adorable abode! So glad you found something already.

Mellyberm said...

Beautiful! I hope we get stationed in the NorthEast sometime. So much to be experienced there!