Friday, September 24, 2010

red, orange and yellow

One of the first thoughts that flashed through my mind when we received our orders to New England was that I'd finally have an opportunity to experience four seasons ... specifically, a true, honest to God autumn.

Moving so far from home and living up here has been an adjustment for sure, but I've kept my eyes on the prize -- the changing colors of the leaves.

For months, I've been watching the green leaves on all the big maples outside my windows, anxiously awaiting any sign of color. And finally, sure enough, it's beginning to happen.

The pumpkins have appeared on the porches around the neighborhood, the temperatures have dropped to the 40s in the evenings, and yes, the leaves are changing color.

Here's a view from my front porch, complete with the first hints of orange, red and yellow. I can't imagine what the full explosion of color will look like, but I'm soaking up every second of the transformation.


Beverly said...

You'll have to take and share some photos of Aidan on his Jeep in the multi-colored "forrest."

The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

I am missing the New England fall! Our leaves have changed here, but they're all yellow, and it's just not the same.. plus, no place to pick apples or get cider donuts!

Becky Lee said...

Loving that you are having an actual fall. We have a hint down here today. Just a hint, but maybe Mother Nature hasn't forgotten us. Love to you.