Friday, October 08, 2010

hampton beach

Even though we live in a "beach town," we've chosen to avoid the actual sand and water for the most part, as a huge chunk of the northeast's residents descend on Hampton Beach in the summer. The result is thick traffic, loud crowds, and weekly fireworks that drive our dogs mad. I sound like an old, crusty fart, I know, but it's not exactly a calming environment.

So now that the crazy summer beach-goers have packed up their mini vans and headed home, we're planning on spending much more time on the New Hampshire seacoast. I love winter time at the beach. Yeah it's cold, but there's just something about it that makes you appreciate cozy blankets and hot drinks.


Beverly said...

Those are beautiful shots. Did Daddy take them? The colors are fantastic (as is the model).

Elizabeth said...

Yep. I'll send you an email with some more. ;)