Sunday, August 21, 2011

{ an apple for the teacher }

When I taught school, I loved using clip art from an artist named Amy Dott Harner. Her graphics are simple, bright, and oh-so cute.

One of my favorites was a depiction of a teacher surrounded by adorable little kiddos. I used this particular image on the front of my "Welcome Back" packet for parents and students.

Since I no longer have my own classroom, I seldom have much use for Amy Dott Harner's brilliance; however, now that my own little guy is starting kindergarten this year (sniff, sniff), I figured it would be fun to bake some sugary morsels for his new teacher using (you guessed it!), Amy's themes as inspiration.

From years of experience, I know how stressful the beginning of the year can be, and I can't imagine adding an entire room full of bright-eyed kindergartners into the mix. So here's hoping Mrs. Woodhouse, Aidan's new teacher, enjoys her apples this year -- both the edible ones and the little ones whose minds she'll be broadening!

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Sue said...

I "happened" upon this post months ago, and then later tried to find it...searching "teacher/student cookies", etc.,with no luck! Today, I pinned it! :) My sister is a kindergarten teacher and I'd love to TRY making her some of these~THANKS!