Thursday, October 06, 2011

{ coast guard insignia cookies }

Of all the colorful little pieces of butter and sugar that I've baked and decorated over the past year or so, I think I'm most proud of these. Not because they're particularly brilliant, or because they'd appeal to very many people (in reality, I'm sure they're quite boring to most folks).

The truth is, the reason I'm most proud of my Coast Guard insignia cookies is because I finished them before throwing the entire batch against the wall, out the kitchen window, or into the fireplace ashes that still need to be swept out from last winter.

These were Tedious --- and yes, I meant to capitalize the T. I've never been so happy to finish a cookie project.

So ... I hope my babies arrive safely to Alaska. And I hope the newly-retired Coastie for whom the cookies were made enjoys his celebration, as well as his new life as a civilian -- starting with noshing on cookies (without having to worry about making weight at his next physical).


Jessica said...

Tedious sounds like a massive understatement. Those are awesome!

Cat's Cakes said...

This is crazy good work! Amazing stuff...but I bet you thought maybe you were just crazy to agree to do these! LOL! Just know they are deeply appreciated and I'm in awe of the work.