Sunday, April 22, 2012

{ mama got a new race car }

almost experienced a kitchen catastrophe yesterday ... yet it ended up turning into a kitchen par-tay!

While innocently baking cupcakes for a neighbor's birthday (not even cookies, y'all!), my Kitchen Aid mixer died. The fateful incident occurred while creaming butter (not nuts or anything difficult) -- all of a sudden it gave one last tremble, groaned a horrible whining noise, then completely froze. Not good. Not good at all.

I realize that appliances crash all the time. But when one uses a mixer as much as I use mine (several times a week), it's cause for concern.

Truth be told, I probably blew out the motor I use it so much. The poor gal wasn't designed to be a turbo-powered, industrial-grade work horse, like I've demanded of mine over the past year or so. It was time to give her a rest and put out to pasture.

Enter the perfect upgrade opportunity!

After a thorough, albeit somewhat panic-laden, research session on the Kitchen Aid website, I decided that I needed a bigger, more powerful thoroughbred.

My sweet husband made a quick trip to Macy's, and I'm now the proud owner of a Kitchen Aid KP26M1XACS Stand Mixer, Architect 6 Qt. Bowl-Lift. YES! I SAID 6 QUART BOWL! It's like moving from a dorm room to a mansion! I could throw a hottub party in that sucker and invite several of my closest friends to join me. To be specific, it "Easily accommodates up to 14 cups of flour." And my motor power jumped from 350W to 575W. Giddy up!

Be still my heart. If you need me, I'll be mixing stuff in the kitchen. Ain't she a sexy beast?


Amberlooo said...

That is so PURTY! Lucky girl!

Amberlooo said...

Lucky girl!