Tuesday, July 08, 2008

layers of paint

For the past few weeks (yes, WEEKS!), Ty has been painting the exterior of my mom's house. It really needed it. Being the swell guy that he is, he of course stepped up to the plate.

It's been a monster job. There's just no other way to describe it. The prepping alone took almost 2 weeks. He borrowed the power washer from his [old] unit in Galveston and blasted away all the old stuff in order to make room for the new. Along the way, we've had some good laughs.

First and foremost, who in the HELL paints a front door salmon pink? By our calculations (similar to rings on a tree. LOL) and with some input from Mom, we figured that the people who owned the house about 40 years ago did exactly that. I think it was actually the second color though. The first looks like it was a mint green. And you just know that the lovely people who did it probably stepped back and said, "That looks beautiful."

Mom's front door is going to be red. Her inspiration is the front door at Talbot's -- brass kick-plate and all. I bet in about 50 years, someone will be removing paint and discover our layer of red and think to themselves, "Who in the HELL paints a front door red?"

I sort of feel like I've been blasting away at a lot of the old stuff and getting ready for the new as well. Life is full of color, for sure. Sometimes the outside coating chips and peels, but if you dig down deep enough, you can usually find some interesting stuff! A fresh coat of color shakes things up every once in a while.


Amber said...

I think a red front door is wonderful! I can totally envision the minty green. yipes.

(((hugs))) to ya as you start absorbing this new coat of paint, E. Hopefully it's quick dry and you're on to the next one ASAP! ;)

Library Girl said...

Love it! You know, southern legends say that people used to paint their doors red to ward off evil spirits and keep the inside of their home safe and secure. I think that's another nice metaphor! :)