Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tableau tuesday

... again a day late ... but hey, it was a short week, and my internal clock is off. ;)

Houston Chronicle writer Kathy Huber perfectly captures the crazy personality of the uniquely-Texas tradition ("bigger is definitely better") of homecoming mums:
"In a state where football is king, the homecoming mum is queen. Not a shy bloom relegated to the sidelines, but an enormous concoction of grapefruit-size silk flowers; stuffed animals; a flowing skirt of ribbons."
I giggle with a bit of shame (mixed in with a big ol' chunk of fond memories) when I think about how giddy we used to be as we walked around Tully Stadium, tinkling with the bells hanging from our ginormous red and white mums. Oh, and of course our dates sported the obligatory mum-like matching garters on their jerseys that day at school. Gawd, we were crazy. Gotta love high school football in Texas.

Stomp 'em, MHS Mustangs!

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