Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gills and fins

Aidan is learning how to swim, and he adores it.

Sometimes my little guy can be a tad hesitant when it comes to trying new things, so I wasn't too sure how he'd take to this new little (but non-negotiable) adventure; however, my fears were totally unnecessary -- he's all over it!

The set-up at "Swim School" (as Aidan calls it) is perfect. He's in a very small class (four kids) with lots of instruction. The teacher basically throws 'em right into the action from the beginning, yet [obviously] supports them at the same time.

I'm the one who, in the end, was probably more nervous than he was -- silly, mom.

Ty is going to be super-proud when he sees his rescue swimmer in the making. :)

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Beverly said...

So much fun. Just in time for backyard pool lounging in New England :).