Friday, November 05, 2010

it's [almost] the most wonderful time of the year ...

If it was socially permissible (not counting trailer parks or New Orleans) to leave my Christmas decorations out all year, I would. And I'd never get sick of it. I'd just keep adding to the magnificence, as needed.

So my heart and soul was full yesterday when I found a dreamy Christmas store nearby in Barrington, New Hampshire -- The Christmas Dove.

This is no ordinary Christmas store. It claims to be New England's largest (two stories full of goodies), and features over 30 "intricately themed rooms," boasting just about anything and everything your holly-adorned heart might desire.

The experience was even better in that my similarly-minded, Christmas-junkie sister was here visiting and able to road trip with me to the holiday wonderland, making it that much more special. And of course the four-year-old little dude who joined us was in seventh Heaven.

I can't wait to return. Again and again. It's open all year, after all -- making frequent visits completely and totally socially permissible. ;)

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Beverly said...

It was so festive! Too bad we couldn't have sipped some nog while we browsed.

I wanted to blog about said day trip; alas, my photos are stuck on my camera, with no way to escape (keep your eyes peeled for my cord).

I was just changing clothes and noticed the gift that Paige left on the front of my sweater this morning. Made me smile.