Tuesday, April 05, 2011

coast guard cookies

Boring title, right?

However, if you knew how many times I've googled those same three words over the past few weeks, and how unsuccessful the results were, you'd appreciate the bluntness of that simple label -- Coast Guard cookies. Basically, no examples of USCG cookies can be found on the internet. Frustrating? Yes. Opportunity for creativity? Hell yes.

So from now on, any lost cookie-making soul on a quest for Coastie cookie ideas can now find at least some possibilities here in Lone Stars and Stripes-ville.

And here they are ... more 'Coast Guard cookies' for Ty and the MSST Boston crew.


Beverly said...

Lovely. The anchors are my fave.
You're going to send some, right?

Amy of Sing For Your Supper said...

Love YOUR blog too! Super cute! And those cookies are adorable!

morganX said...

These are incredible. Now I'm determined to make some for my husband and the guys at his station. Where did you get the cookie cutters?

Kallie and Chris said...

These were so cute! I made some CG cookies in the past...suppose they dont show up on Google...

cookies and cups said...

what great cookies!!