Tuesday, July 14, 2009

christmas in july?

Well, not really. But it's felt that way at times.

I love campfires (who doesn't?) ... especially the smells. A good campfire can awaken all senses -- the crackling of burning wood, the glowing embers deep within, the warmth it gives off, and the explosion of different colors as it smolders and grows. But for me, it's all about the smell.

I'm a smell girl. I have an extremely sensitive sniffer. Sometimes that's a good thing, often times it's a curse. For me, the slightest whiff can invoke more memories from the past than a vivid snapshot in a photo album.

Which brings me back to campfires. I adore the smell. So many memories: A burning fire that we kept alive for days on a family reunion trip to the Texas Hill Country. Year after year, the gorgeous and exciting smell of Aggie Bonfire smoldering from miles away. Sitting around a toasty fire with a glass of scotch on the back porch at my daddy's house. So many wonderful times.

Last night, we built our second campfire up here in Forks. And the beauty of it was, it was cold enough to really appreciate! How often is that the case in July? So, so great. And holding my son as he fell asleep last night, breathing in the smokey scent of his soft little three-year-old hair was as close to Heaven for me as it gets.

More magic in Forks. I'm blessed and lucky.

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Beverly said...

You are indeed lucky. But you deserve it.

Burn the hell.