Sunday, July 12, 2009

tapping into my inner domestic goddess

I love to cook pretty much any type of food ... appetizers, main courses, desserts, you name it. But I'm not much of a baker. The whole process involving absolute measurements intimidates me.

After a day of picking fresh berries in Washington state yesterday, we ended up with a bucket full of ripe strawberries and loganberries (similar to large raspberries). To let them go bad seemed sacrilegious. So the best option seemed to be to bake a pie.

I found a Bobby Flay recipe for Whidbey Island Loganberry Pie which sounded perfect. I mean, how can you go wrong with Bobby Flay? So I combined both types of berries and whipped up something that looks to be a great sweet concoction!

I have no idea why, but I've been wanting to make a fresh berry pie since arriving up here a few weeks ago, and now I've done it. So cool.

Who knows what's next -- fresh bread? A triple-layer iced cake? Nah. Think I'll just stick with the pie.


Beverly said...

It looks like a brain ;) ... but it also looks delicious.

How'd it taste?

Makes me want to bake something fruity also. Maybe a peach cobbler?

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, it's not too pretty, is it? But it's yummy. Tastes like a raspberry/strawberry flakey pie. :)