Thursday, July 09, 2009

doesn't get much better

Anyone who has ever read my blog, or even remotely knows me, is probably aware of my Twilight addiction ... and I'm not talking the teeny bopper lust over Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner either (although I could eat both of those boys with a spoon) -- I'm talking about the Twilight story.

For several reasons that I've stated and written about in the past, the plot, setting and characters of Stephenie Meyer's now famous series is very special to me (thanks, Bella B!). So spending my summer vacation this year in Twilight land (aka Forks, Washington) is better than any Carribbean cruise or European tour.

The vampire and werewolf capitalists in this area have definitely taken advantage of the market -- seems like every local establishment in the general Forks vicinity has at least one store corner dedicated to Twilight. It's funny and worthy of a few snapshots.

But the absolute best part of being up here is the stunning beauty of the land and the ocean. It's powerful and gorgeous, and exactly how I imagined it, only better. When the clouds roll in over the mountains in the distance, I close my eyes and almost see Edward's shiny Volvo pulling in the drive. And driving out to La Push and spending time on the beach is almost a religious experience!

At night, I curl up with a Meyer novel (right now I'm reading Eclipse for the fourth time) and smile. There's just something magical reading about the Treaty Line and knowing that it's right outside my door. So, so cool.

Spending time with my son and hubby is priceless and second-to-none. Our little family is together and whole, if only temporarily. So far, Aidan's biggest thrill has been throwing rocks into the tidepools and rivers. However, there have been countless times this trip that I've also wished my Twilight girls were here with me. It's a giddy experience meant to be shared.

As much as I've resented Forks for the past year or so, I'm learning to enjoy and appreciate it's secrets and charm. The people are friendlier than I imagined, and the natural beauty surpasses any postcard.

So far, pretty damn good.

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Beverly said...

It must be surreal, reading the books while there. Life can be amazingly wonderful like that.

Glad you're dazzled by it all.