Thursday, December 31, 2009

died and gone to heaven

As I blogged a few days ago, I just returned from San Antonio where I was able to hang out with my family for a few days.

The highlight was meeting my cousin's new baby (he's perfectly adorable, by the way), and spending time with aunts, uncles and cousins whom I adore. Every time we get together, I'm a bit sad that we don't do it more often, so it's sort of bittersweet. But I'm so blessed and lucky to have such dear people in my life, so instead I'll focus on that emotion.

But now ... on to serious business....


Give me a pitcher of sangria and a few hours in that place with some of my besties (Laura and Beverly come to mind), and I think I'd be happier than a pig in slop ... or, given the environment, más feliz que un cerdo en barro.

Not only was I able to add some bling to my Mexican tin ornament collection, but I was also able to visually feast on the colors of a culture I adore.

It was a beautiful day ... both outside and inside. Only in mi querida Texas can the sky be so blue. Plus, I got to spend my little excursion with the guy I married. Again -- más feliz que un cerdo en barro. :)

I swear, this store calls to my soul. There's no way I'd be able to post only a few pictures, so I'm sharing a crap-ton.


Zach and Beth said...

Oh, I love all the pics! Next time you go, let me know. We're going to start celebrating Dia de los Muertos next year and I'd love to have some (ok, ALL) of the stuff in that store!

Beverly said...

Love the pottery and decorative/carved hutch. Glad it was fun.