Thursday, December 03, 2009

the greatest gift

Most people complain and gripe about their jobs. And I've definitely done my share of bitching. But the truth is, my life is so full -- even at work. I work with great people (some who I've come to love very dearly), and I teach some even greater kids.

Every day I have the honor of caring for and teaching a classroom full of fifth graders. It's such a great age -- they're on the cusp of young adulthood, yet still possess so much of the wide-eyed wonder of childhood. They're old enough to have a sense of humor, yet not yet bitter, mouthy teens! I love it.

This morning, I was so touched to be given my own special Advent calendar by my class -- each student wrote me a letter for each day of the month of December, and attached it to a tree with a little colored eraser (ornament!). At the end of the month, there's a "big gift" for me to open. But nothing could be better than the words of love and appreciation that they've written me on their cards.

I'm posting some pictures of the first three cards I've opened (which I'm hanging on my board), and a few of the Advent tree.

Again, I'm so blessed.

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Library Girl said...

This is awesome. One year I got a wreath with letters from each child on it, but this "opening something every day" thing is the best. Truly.

You are a lucky girl.