Sunday, June 13, 2010

panaderia treats

Today's dose of Sunday morning breakfast centered around tacos (of course) for Ty. He's been away for a while and had a hankering for the good stuff.

I was craving something sweet, so while he made a run to the local taqueria, I visited a popular (and incredibly delicious) local Mexican bakery (panaderia) -- La Colmena (on north Gessner, for you local folks), to pick up an assortment of pan dulce (sweet bread), cuernos de azucar (sugar horns), and empanadas.

I grabbed a few sprinkle cookies for Aidan too ... it was so much fun browsing the shelves of fresh pastries and sweet treats. And it made a fun spread that was the perfect accompaniment to the spicy tacos.

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Beverly said...

That cream-in-the-middle concoction looks delish.