Saturday, June 26, 2010

roadtrip, day 2

Made it to Knoxville.

And to prove it, I just saw a grown man at a restaurant wearing a University of Tennessee t-shirt and jorts.

We're thinking of re-evaluating our travel plans some. Driving eight hours a day is productive, but around hour six or so, the car ride really starts to wear on Aidan. So we're talking about slowing down some tomorrow and doing something touristy -- maybe taking in a water park (going against my rule of never visiting one -- they're big ol' toilets, if you ask me -- but Aidan would love it) in the Black Hills of Virginia, or driving into D.C. We haven't really decided yet. It just feels right, so I think we'll do some investigating.

Today's drive through Dixie was pretty -- more of Mississippi, then Alabama, Georgia, and finally Tennessee. We're definitely in the heart of SEC country, which is kind of ironic, considering my beloved Texas A&M almost pulled the trigger a few weeks ago and joined in on the fun that is college football in the southeast. But I won't digress onto that tangent, as it still burns my blood to a boil thinking about how we passed up the opportunity. It would've been a fun (and beautiful) place to visit in the fall.

So tomorrow looks to be Virginia and Maryland. We'll see where we end up and what we do. As I said, I'm feeling a bit impulsive.

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Becky Lee said...

I think that sounds great, and if you slow it down a bit, that's less nights you spend in the hotel before the move in. You don't have to go in the water at the park - and you can hose the boys off with anti-bacterial spray before you get back in the car! Good to know you're safe and sound for tonight, and 16 hours already done! Love to you!