Monday, June 28, 2010

roadtrip, day 3

I'm sort of cheating and writing my day 3 update on day 4, but last night I was just too beat to do anything except fall into bed and sleep.

Which was actually kind of a bummer, because Ty and Aidan informed me that when they were outside walking the dogs, thousands of lightning bugs came out to visit once the sun started to set (apparently disturbed by the frolicking pooches). I wish I'd snapped a picture of it, but I was sawing logs in room 218 of the Best Western in Lexington, Virginia -- home of the Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University, as well as birthplace of Sam Houston.

Yesterday took us across the remainder of the Tennessee portion of our trip, and then through Virginia. I especially enjoyed the Black Hills and passing through Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech. It's a scenic drive, no doubt.

Tomorrow we head up to Pennsylvania, officially taking us out of the South. The adventure continues ....

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Beverly said...

Hope you gave him my message.

Glad you're all safe. I'm wondering how Pepper & Daisy are enjoying the roadie?