Monday, February 14, 2011


Better than Christmas.

According to the good folks at Whataburger (best “fast food” joint on the planet), today through the 20th is free jalapeno week. They'll add whole or sliced jalapeños to any entrée purchased for free. Add 'em to your Whataburger®, Whatachick’n®, or even a Taquito! Just mention you want free jalapeños when placing your order at any participating location.

I haven’t found a Whataburger in New Hampshire yet, but I’m still looking.

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Beverly said...

I received the same email this a.m. Must say I was somewhat disappointed ... I assumed they were giving away free Whataburgers and/or taquitos w jalapenos. Nope. Just the japs. I mean, how much does that cost them, anyway? Way to be big-spenders, W-Burger. You gonna throw-in a free packet of fancy ketchup too?