Friday, February 18, 2011

i've been unfaithful

... to Costco.

Yes, I've been cheating. I’ve been shopping at Sam's.

If you know me (or my mother) at all, you know of my love for all things Costco. Christmas decor, panties, wine, laptops, and my personal fave -- giant wedges of Parmigiano Reggiano ... you can find it all at Costco.

The problem du jour is that the nearest Costco to us up here in NH is an hour away. We made the drive twice, and it was annoying as hell.

Sam's, on the other hand, is about 5 minutes from our house -- so it's easy to do the math -- hence my problem with fidelity to my long-time love, Costco. Ugh.

So Sam's it is for the time being, as far as bulk purchasing in the Farrell household.

I do however, feel somewhat better about the whole thing since I recently found some cute outfits for Paige at Sam's -- the types of outfits I'd usually find at my beloved Costco.

Oh, and they also have big wedges of Parmigiano Reggiano. Score.

1 comment:

Becky Lee said...

You're totally making me want a big wedge of cheese. Oh, and a sweet girl to buy cute things for. Rest assured you'll return to Costco someday. We forgive your adulterous behavior. ;)