Wednesday, July 20, 2011

:: christmas in july ::

An oh-so-very-special delivery arrived today from one of my favorite shops, Pence Christmas Tree Farm in Pontotoc, Mississippi. But even better than the origin of the mail was the contents of the package -- RAZ products! -- undoubtedly, the greatest Christmas decorations ever.

I swear, I could seriously spend the entire lot of my retirement fund on RAZ Christmas goodies -- they make me giddy. The colors are as bright and gaudy as my treasured Mexican tin ornaments, and just as whimsical and beautiful.

So if we suddenly experience a blessed drop in temperatures, or if cool breezes spontaneously relieve the country from the current oppressive heat wave, you can thank me for bringing a touch of December to the world (and send me a RAZ item as a token of your gratitude).

Color. Glorious color. And even better ... Christmas! Glorious Christmas (in July).

Is it fall yet?

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