Wednesday, February 10, 2010

comfy retro

I love the old-style Dr. Scholl's clogs, but the wood soles kill my feet. I used to have a pair, I and can't tell you how many times the shoe slipped and I ended up stepping on the edge of the wood with the bridge of my foot. It's killer pain. No more wooden-soled Dr. Scholl's clogs for me.

So I was thrilled a few years ago to find a softer alternative from Dr. Scholl's -- the Dr. Scholl's Original Twist. You get the same look, but with a soft, cushioned sole. I bought a pair in black and goldmine -- super cute. They're some of my favorite shoes. You can slip 'em on and go, but they're a bit of a "dressier" upgrade from flipflops. And I adore the fact that "Feels Crazy Good!" is printed on the bottom of each pair. Adorable.

Now, Dr. Scholl's has now introduced another comfy surprise to their classic clog look inventory -- the Women's Haven. And it's awesome (as well as very reasonably priced!). Plus, no wood insole! Instead, it has a cork-look to it.

Just ordered a pair in Pink Pampero -- love 'em! Can't wait for warmer temps!

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