Sunday, February 28, 2010

for those who plan ahead ... style on the tree

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I adore Christmas. My preference would be to haul out the holly right after Halloween and soak up every bit of the season until the end of December --Thanksgiving is just a good meal in between the fun of fall and the beauty of Christmas.

So I squealed with glee when I received a spring newsletter today from one of my favorite ornament vendors -- Trendy Tree from the Pence Christmas Tree Farm, located in the Northeastern part of Mississippi.

The purpose of the newsletter was to market Easter items -- psssh. Forget it! I went straight to the Christmas ornaments. RAZ ornaments are my faves, and their 2010 collection has been released, so I spent the better part of an hour lost in Yuletide heaven. Is it November yet?

Some of my favorite finds ....


Beverly said...

If I had 'em, I'd put that first set (the pink heels) on a tree right now. Cute.

pencechristmastreefarm said...

Thank you for sharing our Christmas items.....having the Christmas Tree Farm and the online business with RAZ decorations and blown glass ornaments is like having Christmas all year long! Thanks again! Jeannie Pence, Pence Christmas Tree Farm