Friday, August 13, 2010

backyard campout

The temps have begun to drop as summer seems to have released it's merciless grip from us.

Tonight we threw some steaks on the grill. Ty and Aidan also decided it would be a great night to go "camping."

So they set up shop (pitched a tent, added some sleeping bags and flashlights), built a campfire, and graciously invited me to eat some s'mores with them before kicking me back inside the house for bedtime.

So, as I sit here indoors (thank goodness), the smoke from the fire smells great, the cool night air coming through the windows feels wonderful, and I still get to watch TV and sleep in my cozy bed.

But my boys are having fun ... outside.

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Aw, that's fun! Did they actually sleep out there?

When the temps here dropped from 102 to a much more comfortable 99, I thought about camping outside last night. But alas, I couldn't find my tent.