Friday, August 06, 2010

choo choo

I don't know how much longer the fascination will last (or if it will ever end), but Aidan adores two things above and beyond all others -- trains and fire trucks.

This week, in honor of Coast Guard Day (happy 220th birthday to the USCG), Aidan rode into work (downtown Boston) with his father to take part in the festivities. They made the commute together on the train. It just doesn't get much better in the life of a four-year-old -- a day with Daddy, starting with a train ride.

I wasn't along for the excursion, so I had to settle for a glimpse of it all via the camera on Ty's phone. But Aidan is still talking about it, so I can imagine that it was a pretty special day. And I'm so glad that the two of them were able to share it together.

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