Monday, May 05, 2008

last week in our home

This is a tough week. It's our last week together as a family in our very first home ... at least for the next two years, anyway.

The movers arrive next week to pack up all of our stuff and ship it to various places across the country. Our furniture and other "big" items will land in San Antonio, where our storage unit is located (gotta love military contracting). Our "personal" stuff, along with anything else I can think of that I might possibly need during the next two years (no pressure there!) will be headed to Houston -- specifically, to my mom's house. And finally, Ty's SAR gear, diving gear, work stuff and clothes will find its way up to La Push, Washington, where he'll be stationed for the next two years.

I'm working every day to stay positive about all of this, but it's really gut-wrenching. I love our little home and all of the little touches that we've added to it over the years to make it our very own. The paint colors on the walls, the plants in the yard, the little details in ARF's very first bedroom -- all of it. I continue to remind myself that all of this has to be happening for a reason. I'm keeping my eyes focused ahead, and not behind.

For a terribly nostalgic and sentimental person, there are about a million reasons to let this week bury me. But you know what? I'm not going to let it happen. Instead, I'm going to enjoy every last minute of the time we have left together in our house on Port Carissa Drive.

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