Sunday, June 08, 2008

a perfect summer wine

Last weekend I picked up several bottles of wine at Leibman's. An added bonus to the shopping stop was the help I received from one of the employees -- a wine importer from Alsace, France who now works and resides in Houston.

She was a wealth of information and really knows her stuff. That afternoon, we got to talking about rosé wines, and how misunderstood they are, especially here in the states. Most folks see the color and immediately expect a white zinfandel.

My favorite bottle so far from that day's picks is Sauvion, a rosé d'Anjou, one of three French rosés from the region. Sauvion is made from gamay and groslet grapes grown in France's Loire Valley. It comes in a clear bottle to show off its coral color. I found a review in the Augusta Chronicle: "This beautiful, light, refreshing wine is the perfect summer sipper,"-- my thoughts exactly!

Time for another trip to Leibman's!


Beverly Alford said...


Why haven't we shared any?

I'll have to check it out.

Jen said...

Woman, that post was way too hoighty toighty! Where was the discussion of the big honkin bbq'd T-bone steak and some Cuervo??? :)