Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain just elevated himself about a gajillion spots in my book.

What a gutsy, unpredictable, bold and fantastic move he made by choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

God, I'm so thrilled. As a woman, a conservative, and yes, a feminist, I'm feeling hope for the first time during this campaign season. She's a hunter, a fisher, a member of the NRA, a mother, a sports fan, and someone who has spent her political energy and influence taking on corruption. It doesn't get much better for me!

Radio talk show host Tammy Bruce had a great take on things ...

I have to confess, I didn’t give him enough credit. I have come to support McCain grudgingly, only after Giuliani and then Romney. And when the VP stakes began both on my Web site and radio show Palin had been a consistent favorite of readers and listeners. As disappointment and even hostility with Washington has grown, McCain has done something so many of us were hoping for–he made a daring, maverick and ultimately the right choice for his running mate.

A choice reflective of real change, but change based in principle and true progress....

There were many other predictable, perhaps safer, choices McCain could have made which would have satiated the conservative based. Yet, he chose someone who has the qualifications and has a history of also walking the maverick walk, but does not necessarily have the traditional resume, and that’s exactly what we want in a day when trust in government has never been lower.

Sarah Palin is a perfect choice and moves me from grudging support to full, invigorated advocacy for his campaign.
You go, girl!

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