Saturday, January 09, 2010

decisions, decisions

Two major things are going on in my life right now ... so major in fact, that choosing which one was the bigger deal made blogging a challenge.

1. It's cold in Houston. And when I say cold, I mean COLD -- an Arctic front has hit the area, and it appears to be socked in for a while. I just made an early-morning run for our usual Saturday morning breakfast tacos, and the water bottle I keep inside my console in the car was frozen. The digital thermometer on my dashboard read 19° -- even after the sun had already been shining brightly for an hour or two. It's cold.

2. We finally received our new orders, care of Uncle Sam. We're heading up to Boston this summer. Boston? It's cold there, right? And they talk funny.

So in trying to gauge which was more blog-worthy, I critically looked at both -- crazy-cold temps, or moving to Boston? Hmmm ... I'm thinking I can combine the two.

God has a kick-ass sense of humor -- timing is everything. We've been waiting for months for word on our next duty station, and low and behold, we happened to receive the news while Ty was still home on leave, as well as on the afteroon before I took a rare personal day off work.

So we basically got to spend all day together yesterday saying things like, "Are you ok with this?" ... "Where would you like to live?" ... "We need to hit the winter sales right now and stock up on coats and hats." Usually these types of conversations take place for us on the phone, with thousands of miles between us. But again, timing is everything.

And I bet the Big Guy is getting a kick out of watching us freeze our Texas tails off right now, chuckling and enjoying the fact that this type of weather will be the winter (and fall and spring...) norms for us once we're living in New England.

So life goes on. Today we'll get the brakes on my car serviced, take Aidan to a birthday party, meet some friends for a few glasses of wine and good times, and go to sleep appreciating the fact that we have warm blankets, central heating, and each other.

God's sense of humor is grand. So is cold weather, and so are new adventures in New England.

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