Monday, January 11, 2010

three of my loves, combined

Those of you who know (and love) me are well aware of the fact that I'm about as proud a Texan as you'll find. Duh.

I'm also a huge fan of cheese (the stinkier, the better ... it's the Welsh girl in me). Double duh.

Finally, whenever possible, I enthusiastically support homemade products and small businesses above all others -- more of my purchases are made from Etsy stores than any other retailer out there. Nothing inspires me more than someone creatively doing what they love and making some cashola out of the deal.


One of my nearest and dearest girlfriends, Laura, suggested that I try some goat cheese from Sealy, Texas. Huh? Sealy? For real? For anyone not familiar with Sealy, it's probably best known for its [mediocre] outlet shopping, its status as a bathroom pitstop about 50 miles west of Houston on I-10, and as the childhood home of legendary football player, Eric Dickerson. But I digress.

It's not a place one would expect to find goat cheese. Much less decent goat cheese. But low and behold, that's exactly what CheesyGirl Cheese Co. provides -- damn good cheese! Based on Laura's suggestion, I grabbed some ("Femme Fatale - luscious and piquant with more than a oui bit of Herbs de Provence") at H.E.B. this afternoon and enjoyed it schmeared on crostini ... with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a hot bath. Ahhh. Goodness.

A quote on the company's homepage boldly states, "You're going to flat out love it or we'll buy it back. Period," (don't you just love shy Texans?!). I love that. Cheese with attitude.

Oh, and did I mention the other interesting twist? The cheese is vegetarian.

At CheesyGirl we love food. We love animals. We just don't love animals as food. Simple as that. So we make amazing vegetarian cheeses. From goats who spend their day frolicking and nibbling away in acres of lush grass.

As y'all can probably tell from my accent I'm a true blue Texan. Which means I love my truck and I don't like pretense.

Here at CheesyGirl what you'll find is vegetarian cheese that's really good (good for us, the planet, and animals). But the most important thing to you is that it tastes great. I'm talking, ear to ear grin, nod your head and make happy noises, great. Trust me, we're passionate about our cheese and you'll taste the difference.

Rock on, CheesyGirl peeps. You're doing us cheese-loving Texans proud.

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Beverly said...

I'm so glad it was tasty (not that I didn't trust you, LS). This bad boy[girl] will definitely make an appearance in my cart on my next trip to HEB.

Mmmmm ... goat cheese ... drool ....