Sunday, July 04, 2010

clams & lobster

We've been craving seafood since we first arrived in the northeast, and it seems sort of sacrilegious that it's taken us almost a week to finally take the plunge and have some. But Aidan isn't too adventurous in that realm yet, so we've pretty much been forced to stick to the basics (as well as make him EZ Mac in the hotel microwave more than a time or two). It's pretty shameful, actually.

But Ty finally reached his limit tonight on the amount of time he could continue to go without having a lobster roll, so he made a take-out run on a quest for an open restaurant on the 4th of July that serves a decent, authentic lobster roll.

I navigated from the hotel room with my cell phone and laptop (googling for lobster rolls), and low and behold, together, we found a damn good place. So good in fact, Guy Fieri of Food Network fame (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) recently visited and did a show -- Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine.

Holy crap, was it good.

Our dinner tonight: a lobster roll for Ty (hopefully that'll shut him up on the subject for a while), fried clam strips for me, and clam fritters for the both of us.

We -- Ty, me, and Guy Fieri -- chose well.


The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

ohh Bob's.. I miss Bob's!

Jennifer said...

Yes, Rachel did love herself some Bob's. We never did get to try that place ourselves. Bummer.

Enjoy your New England chow.

Beverly said...

Um ... I'll have to wait to hear your review. That looks very sketchy (and artery-clogging!).

Glad you're making new friends :).