Friday, July 23, 2010

pretty little houses

... and by "little," I mean quaint, of course. ;)

I've really enjoyed looking at all the different types of homes and architecture up here on the 18-mile New Hampshire seacoast. I think they're particularly beautiful in the summer, complete with bright flowers out front and American flags waving in the breeze. But I'm sure the view in the fall will be totally different ... with another transformation taking place once the snow begins to fall.

But for now, here are some summer shots that I've been snapping along the way.


Becky Lee said...

OMG. I mean, these are adorable. A-DORABLE. Please go back and take the same ones in the fall and winter. And please post a few pics of your home as it comes together slowly but surely. :)

Mary A. said...

The houses look full of New England character. You are very lucky to be in such an interesting neighborhood. Can't wait to see how they look all decked out with pumpkins etc.

Mary A.