Sunday, July 04, 2010

independence day in new england

Even though we spent this year in the cradle of American history, we decided to skip the patriotic festivities in Boston, opting instead for some slower-paced (and less populated) celebrations in New Hampshire and Maine.

We enjoyed an afternoon with [new] friends at a BBQ in South Berwick, Maine (a picturesque town settled in 1631), surrounded by thick [Maine] accents trying to teach Aidan how to properly say "lobstah", and hot dogs served on rolls, rather than buns (also how Fenway Franks are served, correct?). Ty and I joked about how different it was to the smoked brisket and ribs-filled events we're used to on the 4th of July in Texas, but we appreciated the hospitality very much -- it was great to meet new people.

We ended the day by stopping near the border at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on the Maine/New Hampshire border, where a fireworks display lit up the sky over the water. There's something about being on a military base, surrounded by those who voluntarily serve our country, that makes celebrating American independence that much more special.

God bless America -- both the North and the South. :)

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