Friday, July 02, 2010

a friday morning tradition

For the past several years, Aidan and I have stopped at Shipley Do-nuts in Houston on our way to school on Friday mornings. It's a little tradition that he looked forward to, helping to kick off the weekend and make Friday sort of special.

He's been really curious since we arrived in the Northeast about the Dunkin' Donuts signs he keeps seeing everywhere (and when I say everywhere, I mean every couple of miles -- doughnuts galore).

We used to have DD in Texas when I was growing up, but Shipley's overtook the doughnut market in the Lone Star State and Dunkin' Donuts locations are now few and far between.

So this morning we continued the Friday morning doughnut tradition and popped into Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. It was packed, and the man behind the counter kind of gave Ty and I the business about being so clueless with our order (clearly we annoyed him ... we weren't regulars who could whip out our order). But once we sat down and ate, Aidan settled right into the familiar routine.

Dunkin Donuts doesn't sell jalapeno kolaches (or any kolaches for that matter) like Shipley's does, but the "everything" bagel I ordered was yummy -- all it needed was jalapenos. And I figured I can take a baggy of them with me next time we go.


Becky Lee said...

Ahhh, a bit of normalcy amidst all the newness. I use Dunkin Donuts coffee in my Cuisinart Coffee Maker (a splurge I never regret buying) at home, and it's really good. Hope it begins to feel like a routine that's "different but the same". And just think... you actually have time to linger over your bagel and your iced doughnut rather than rush him through to a 7:15 am VOE arrival. Hugs. :)

The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

One morning you should go to the Bagel Caboose in Kittery (right on the traffic circle). Patrick, the owner is super nice (and super French!). Hubby would go there every morning on his way to work. He has lots of different types of bagels and makes about 30 different kinds of spreads. We'd always get a toasted croissant with cream cheese. Mmmm... If you go, tell him Anthony and Rachel sent you! :)

Jennifer said...

I remember when my dad and I visited in Texas when I was in high school we joked about the Taco Bells galore. I imagine you are feeling the same with DD.

Gosh, we miss DD already. You don't see that here on the left coast.