Monday, March 31, 2008

I finished Twilight

OK. So it was GOOD. Mom is reading it now. I'm trying to convince Ty that he needs to also before the movie comes out. Not only that, he's going to have to be our tour guide and point out the important Twilight landmarks when we're up there visiting.

Next up -- book number two in the series -- New Moon. Very addicting set of characters, for sure.

And I'm still searching for the meaning these books are supposed to have for me ... because I'm convinced there is one. It may be as simple as I'll no longer look at the Forks/La Push thing in such a loathing fashion. Who knows.

Now, on to chapter one ... I have to see if Bella gets eaten by all six of the vampires.

1 comment:

Library Girl said...

I am completely giddy that:
1. You liked the book.
2. You are beginning to make a turn in your opinion of this place.
3. You see the connection and the fibers of our lives weaving tighter and tighter together.
On to New Moon. Can't wait to hear what you think! Much love, friend!