Monday, April 14, 2008

Another sign ... peanut butter

Here's the latest "sign" in my life of something happening that was meant to be. To briefly recap, I've recently been experiencing a strange trend of things seemingly happening for a reason. Who knows? Maybe I'm bombarded with these signs all the time and just haven't been paying attention. Regardless, I'm trying to heed them all now.

One of my absolute favorite foods in the whole wide world is about to make a comeback -- Peter Pan WHIPPED peanut butter. For a peanut butter junkie who can't live without the yumminess, but can live without the extra fat and calories, this stuff is a Godsend. It tastes just like normal peanut butter (no added funky sugar substitutes or anything like that), but it's whipped with extra air, so it's fluffier and lighter than the normal stuff. But it tastes the exact same as regular peanut butter. I compare it to whipped yogurt -- it's light and airy, but still just as yummy.

Unfortunately, last year when Peter Pan had to recall their product off the shelves, whipped peanut butter was included. As far as I know, Peter Pan is the only company that makes it -- and believe me, I've searched far and wide. Well, lo and behold in my Hungry Girl newsletter this morning, the long-awaited news was right there in black and whie. Peter Pan Whipped is returning to the shelves. Yippee!

Now for the sign part ... it just so happens that I've made today the starting point for yet another goal ... I'm going to try and make a serious and concerted effort to get back into shape, in every way -- physical and spiritual. I think if I can actually manage to stay true to my plan, I'm going to feel better in just about every way. What I really need is to feel empowered and [somewhat] in control of things as I approach the next two years of my life and all the changes accompanying it.

So, here's to sticking with it.


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