Friday, April 11, 2008

I want to learn how to scrapbook

April 11th is an odd time to be thinking about resolutions, but there's something extremely domestic and soccer-mommish (Heaven forbid) that I've wanted to do for a long time -- learn how to scrapbook. I love cute girly things, and I'm a picture-taking fool. What better way to save memories and to get my stifled creative juices flowing than to scrapbook?

But the kicker is, when I say I want to learn, I mean I really want to LEARN. I don't just want to self-teach myself how to throw stuff together. Whenever I ask a scrapbooking person about it, they usually say, "Oh, it's easy. You just buy the little things and glue them on cute paper with your pictures and stick it in an album."

That's just now how my type-A brain functions. To undertake this new endeavor properly, I'll need to take a class from an expert, learn all my options, compile a list of good resources, etc. My formal scrapbooking education must begin the proper way, or I'll be screwed forever.

I'm a perfectionist. It's a cross to bear, because I usually can't measure up to the lofty ideas I've set in my mind. It stresses me out, hence my need for an outlet. It's a vicious cycle. Scrapbooking, I need you!

I figured that by writing this out, I'll feel obligated to hold myself accountable for actually beginning this adventure. We'll see.

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