Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I cried

A few weeks ago I wrote about the beginning of my Stephenie Meyer journey. It began with Twilight, was followed by New Moon, and then finished (for now!) with Eclipse. My friend B warned me from the start that the storyline was addicting, but I figured I'd be able to resist. HA ... not even close! I was a goner from the first second I cracked the cover of Twilight.

I loved everything about these books -- the characters, the setting, the plot, the whole "suspension of reality" (as B describes it). It was a much-needed escape for me at a time when I was craving one.

And the end of Eclipse had me crying like a baby. I guess the truest sign of a good book is when it becomes so near and dear to your heart that you don't want it to end -- when you ache for the characters and feel their pain. That's how it was for me with Bella, Jake and Edward (and the rest of the wolves and vamps). I was a blubbering mess last night. I'm talking racking sobs! Ahhh, it was SO good!

B has invited me to attend a Stephenie Meyer book discussion in May, and I can't wait! I guess I'll have to purchase the "La Push Cliff Diving" t-shirt I saw online, just for the occasion. :)

And one more funny little twist to the "synchronicity" thing that has surrounded this whole experience -- the final installment of Edward and Bella's story is set for release on August 2 -- the week after Ty leaves for La Push. Do you think it's another one of the ways this series is meant to help me through it all? I do.

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Tigerlilly said...

Oooh, I'm gonna hafta go check these out now. I'm always excited when I read a good book review, thanks :)