Sunday, August 30, 2009

break out your jackets, boys and girls

Lost Maples Nature Area, Vanderpool, Texas

(OK, well, maybe not your jackets.)

The 10-day forecast for Houston has lows around 70 and highs around 90 heading our way ... just around the corner! Woo hoo! Maybe I won't break a sweat until 8am, rather than as soon as I walk out the door at 6:45am (ok ... I'm lying. I start sweating as soon as I begin putting on my make-up. It's a way of life for me).

But back to the subject at hand, the mornings have felt noticeably drier and yes, even cooler. It's been a beautiful weekend, as far as August on the Texas Gulf Coast goes -- could be so much worse.

I'm such a cold weather girl. I know, I know. Why in the hell do I live in Texas and not somewhere like Colorado? It can't be helped ... it's in my blood. I love my peeps, and I love my state.

But I sure do adore trips to cooler climates. And even better, cool weather in my own backyard. So, based on the current forecast, a little mini-happy dance is in order.