Monday, August 17, 2009

my british roots are showing

At the end of a hard day, with temps bordering on the triple-digit variety, there are very few items that hit the spot for me quite like a cold, loaded with ice, gin and tonic ... extra lime, please.

My earliest memory of a "grown up" drink goes back to this gin concoction. I remember my dad coming home after work and making himself and my mother the same drink. And when I became old enough to be curious about the taste, as odd as it may sound, I instantly loved the G&T.

When I turned 21 and watched my friends order beer or Jack and Coke, my beverage of choice at the local watering holes in College Station was my old friend, gin and tonic -- I felt officially big-time. And one of my only no-no "cheats" while I was pregnant was a gin and [heavy on the] tonic ... which I nursed nice and slow -- just to make it last.

G&T is still my favorite. Time and age hasn't changed my love for this potent potable. If anything, my affinity has grown stronger, as my choice and taste of gin has grown pricier.

So, Mom and Dad, thanks for introducing me to gin and tonic. I never drink one without a smile (or a lime or two).

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Beverly said...

That looks dee-wicious.

I was at Veritas the other night and ordered a G&T w/ Bombay Sapphire.

bartender: "Have you ever tried Plymouth Gin?"

me: "My mother is British. Plymouth Gin is a personal fave. Love it; however, my true love is Boodles."

bartender: "You're in luck ... I just got some Boodles in today."

So he reaches under the bar, pulls out a shiny new bottle of Boodles, opens it, screws in the pour nozzle, then mixes me a glass of Heaven.