Monday, August 10, 2009

yankee fun!

Yippee! The 2009 Yankee Candle Halloween catalog arrived in my mailbox today! I'm going to take credit for the timing ... right after my Halloween post yesterday! Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows. ;)

I don't really indulge much, as far as fancy trips or expensive clothes. But I love, love, LOVE candles! They soothe and relax me and make me super happy. I even break the law at school and light one on my desk. Shhhh ... don't tell the Fire Marshall.

Anyway, the fun present in the mail today only added fuel to my already burning (haha!) excitement for fall. So I also swung by Carter's to pick up some new jammies and fun Halloween shirts for Big A.

Feeling festive ... and spooky!

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Beverly said...

No, it's b/c I told you on Saturday that I'm itchin' for fall/Halloween (to which you replied, "I don't like what it means for me, work-wise").

Regardless, I share your enthusiasm, trust me.

< creepy ghost voice > Woooooooooo hoooooooo < /creepy ghost voice >