Sunday, August 09, 2009

i'm craving halloween

I must have had some pumpkin-filled dreams last night or something, because I woke up this morning with Halloween on the brain. Maybe it's a direct result of spending the summer surrounded by gloriously cooler temps ... who knows. But I'm all of a sudden totally wanting fall to hurry up and get here.

I adore October. The craziness of August and September (for teachers) is over with, and there's a hint of holiday excitement beginning to make some noise -- not so much that you feel like it's going by too fast (like December always does), but just the knowledge that Turkey Day and Christmas is right around the corner.

My mom is a total Halloween-decorator and she passed her love for all things cute and spooky down to her daughters. I love the the way orange, black, purple and white all look together, screaming fun and laughter.

Football is in full swing, the leaves are changing, pumpkins are everywhere, the mornings and evenings are crisp, and everyone just seems to be in an all-around better mood.

Now that Aidan is old enough to appreciate it, it's so fun watching and hearing him squeal about "scary" stuff. Speaking of, to help me indulge in my over-anxious Halloween mood, I found some cute Halloween shirts on eBay that I'm bidding on for my little guy.

For now, that's going to have to help ease my Halloween fix for a few more months. Where's the Martha Stewart Halloween issue when a girl needs it?


Beverly said...

Since you brought up the 'H' word, look how cute:[]=tags&includes[]=title


Elizabeth said...

I knew it wouldn't take you long to comment on this thread ...